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Da-Costa F. A. & Company
  • A Leader in Cyber Security Solutions, Education & Awareness, Compliance and Advisory Services
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Our Vision

Ensuring a Zero Trust Security for every client that we parther with.

Core Values

  • We  are customer-centric and we offer quality customer service.
  • We take ownership, open to learning and deliver results.
  • We strive at all times to earn the trust of our customers and offer highest standard at all times

Our Strategy

  • To offer the concept of Layered Integrated Defense Approach to Security.
  • Setting up a Risk Managment Framework to organizations,to provide top-down guidance  by advising on an Information Security Best practices, towards actively managing their Information Security Systems

Our Strength

Our strength is in creating awareness on potential cybersecurity attacks, and partnering with the security teams of organisations towards proffering solutions for remediation, using Cyber Security Solution and Tools from leading Cyber Security Solution Providers.

Why choose DFA?

  • Quick global delivery with skilled professionals / specialists
  • Safety & compliance ensured
  • Start-to-finish solutions
  • Reliable services
  • Sustainable and
  • Operational Excellence

About the Founder

 Frerick Adewale Da-Costa

 Founder & Cyber Security Expert / Advisor

Fredrick is an Energetic and Self-Driven Serial Entrepreneur (Intrapreneur & Technopreneur); an Information Technology Specialist; a Cyber Security Expert, Advisor and Awareness Specialist; and a Business Consultant, with over 20 years of significant experience and successful track record in Technology Sales (Software, Hardware & IT Services) & Digital Marketing; Technology Implementation Projects (Implementing Developed Technology and Implementing Developing Technology Projects); Business Consulting; and Cybersecurity Consulting & Advisory Services.

Fredrick is a Google Certified Digital Marketer; an Oracle Certified Sales Specialist; a Salesforce Trailblazer; and a Certified Cyber Security Expert & Advocate.

Fredrick Da-Costa is an "Enthusiast" of Software Engineering (Design, Development, Testing, and Maintenance of Software Applications); Cloud Computing Technology; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; and Data Science.

Cyber Security Business Sustainability

  •  Helps Investors on applying Environmental, Social, and Governance. (ESG), a non-financial factors to to identify material risks and growth opportunities, as part of their analysis process.
  • Helping organisations to view Cybers Security as part of Environmental, Social, and Governance. (ESG),.
  • Creating awarenss to oragnisations on Cyber Risk as an immediate and financially material sustainability risk that they face today.
  • Helping organisations to implement Cyber Security good Governance, Policy and Compliance Plan for sustainabilty and resiliency.

Cyber Security Standards and Compliance Advisoy Services

Helping organisations to comply with regulatory requirements or cybersecurity standards as given below:

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001 and